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Weifang Hao Long Chemical Co., Ltd is a newly established joint-stock company, located in Shandong Weifang High-tech Development Zone, is Wei Fanghua , a wholly owned subsidiary of the group. In recent years, the national implementation of the strategy of sustainable development, investment improving investment environment, environmental protection products Be welcomed by the market, environment-friendly production and use a more broad market prospects for development.

my company used chemical one-step purification of more than 99% magnesium hydroxide production technology, is the company's development is an international first New technology of water level, has full intellectual property rights, its unique technology, the serialization of products, production of raw materials is a comprehensive utilization of resources. The whole process safety......



Product name:
Flame retardant magnesium hydroxide
English name:
Magnes ium Hydroxide
Molecular weight:
The molecular formula:
Physical and chemical properties:
White six plate-like crystals, aqueous solution was alkaline relative density of 2.36g/cm³dissolved in acid and ammonium salt solution, almost insoluble in water and alcohol. In water solution ...
Application fields:
Flame retardant grade Mg ( OH ) 2 as the inorganic additive type flame retardants and smoke suppressants. In the category of building materials, PP PVC, PE and rubber, substitution of organic or inorganic flame retardant flame retardant ATH, can improve the heat stability, smoke index higher building materials, decorative materials, travel. A green flame retardant and smoke suppression agents, can be used as thermal insulation material and manufacturing other ...

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